We use carefully selected raw material from Hungaian forests

The good relationship and long-term cooperation with our suppliers guarantees the right quality and quantity of raw materials

We use modern and reliable machines

We try to adapt to customer needs and satisfy them as much as possible

Our products:

Building industry

Plywood is a good alternative for the construction industry due to its light weight, formability and favorable price. It is easy to transport, resistant, and can be installed quickly.

Furniture industry

Wall coverings, cabinets, chairs, doors, stairs and even kitchen counters can be made from affordable and sustainably farmed plywood.

Ship industry

Due to its excellent mechanical properties, it is used in the shipbuilding industry for the construction of partition walls, interior equipment, structural elements, and deck elements.


It can withstand much higher tensile and shearing forces than structures built from one material, so they can be covered with greater safety in larger sizes.

Stand construction

Plywood is a useful raw material for exhibitions, stands, and other lightweight constructions.

Packaging industry

Larger and fragile products can be transported safely in plywood boxes and packed on pallets.

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